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Sterling Search was founded by a group of IT industry veterans who saw a better way for staffing firms and recruiters to relate with companies.

Each of our team members have held senior management titles in large software and IT companies and have significant experience building successful and effective teams. They all have experienced the kind of frustration hiring managers have with staffing and recruiting companies.

Our 10 Step Process is based on the following:

  1. Honesty and Integtity
  2. Experience
  3. Domain Knowledge
  4. Customer Service Excellence
  5. Professionalism

Discovery Meeting, Create Job Description & Review Requirements (Steps 1-3)


Step 1: We will have an introductory kick-off meeting with the client

We meet the stake holders inside your company and we take the time to understand the hiring managers requirements. We take time to understand your business. And we even work to understand the solutions provided to the market as well as the related technologies used to build them.

During this step we will want to know the following about your company:
  • Culture – we will want to know whether it is suit/tie or casual? And we'll want to know what type of candidates have been successful in the organization in the past
  • Organizational chart
  • Interview and hiring processes
  • HR related – we will want to understand interview process, learn how we can partner with the HR dept., and review benefits packages
We will write summary of what we uncover in the meeting and send to the client for review. The objective is to make sure that we represent the client accurately to candidates.  We also load this document into our Talent Management system so that our team of recruiters can access it.

Step 2: We will help you develop a job description and learn about the open position.

During this step we will:
  • Learn about specific skills required for the job with a focus on “hot button skills”
  • Learn which character traits are important for the hiring manager and for the team
  • Confirm interview process with hiring manager and HR

Step 3: We will review all requirements, hiring process, and interview questions

After reviewing the job description we will prepare an interview template that contains each question we are going to ask in our screening process listed.

During this step we will:
  • Send interview template/questions to client for review and feedback
  • Load the final version of the template into our system so team recruiters can follow a consistent interview process and maintain the same quality
  • We are ready to begin your search!


Candidate Screens & Search, Submittal & Feedback, Our Interviews  (Steps 4-6)

Step 4: We will provide search and phone screen conducted by our very own recruitment team

Our recruiters will look for the right candidate by searching our database and our network, and by calling into target companies.

During this step we will:
  • Contact quality candidates and have an in-depth conversation with them to determine whether their skills and experience match your open position
  • Request a copy of the candidate's resume - if they are interested
  • Schedule and conduct a detailed phone interview (the main objective of this interview is to validate the technical skills)

Step 5: We will submit the candidate's resume to the client/hiring manager for initial feedback

Our objective here is to make sure we are on the right track. The client/hiring manager should NOT schedule the interview at this point. We still have work to do!

During this step we will:
  • Have the client/hiring manager confirm that the candidate has the right set of skills they are looking for.

Step 6: We will meet with and interview the candidate "in-person".

Our team meets with all selected candidates in–person for a face-to-face interview with us.  This interview is either scheduled at our office - or held at a location convenient to the candidate.

During this step we will:
  • Determine whether the candidate is a match in the following areas: communication skills, cultural fit, attitude & soft skills
  • Provide information to candidate regarding the potential opportunity
  • Describe the interview process to the candidate in detail
  • Let them know who they will meet with and set expectations
  • Provide our final feedback to the client based on this meeting

Candidate Interviews with Client, Offer Acceptance, Our Followup  (Steps 7-10)

Step 7: We will schedule the candidate/client  interview.

During this step we will:
  • Send an email or meeting invitation to the candidate and client/hiring manager - with all details and logistics
  • Follow up with any last minute prep

Step 8: We will commit a thorough background check.

During this step we will:
  • Conduct reference checks or background checks based on the agreement with the client

Step 9: We can provide counsel for candidates and clients - if necessary.

We work as a resource to the candidate - and the client - and help them come to a mutually beneficial decision.

During this step we can:
  • Provide salary negotiations
  • Review competing offers
  • Provide advice to candidates on transition from current position
  • Review HR, company benefits, and more

Step 10: We will follow up with the candidate - and the client

We stay in close contact with the candidate - and our client - because we aim to build long term, successful relationships.

Additional Notes:
1.  The hiring process may vary slightly based on the position and the process followed by the client.
2.  The initial steps are appropriate for a new client.  We spend considerable time learning our client’s business to serve as a seamless extension of their business.
3.  We work hard to be a trusted advisor to our clients and also the candidates we work with.  The most important capital we have is our reputation, and we always aim to protect and grow that.
4.  Our warranty provides an unconditional 90 day guarantee on all full time placements.  This means that if the candidate leaves employment with the client for any reason - other than a reduction in force - we will find a replacement candidate suitable to the client within 30 days or refund the entire fee.

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