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Sterling Search provides project consulting services that help you deliver high-quality software development solutions on time and within budget. We help emerging growth companies across the U.S. implement software engineering best practices that are best-suited for their needs.

Our core competencies are as follows:

Business Analysis and Requirement Gathering

Numerous studies on the success of IT development projects continue to indicate that the single largest factor for project failure is poor requirements. There can be several reasons for this:

  • Requirements practices are too loosely defined or inconsistently applied
  • There isn’t adequate support from client and/or IT stakeholders for effort of defining requirements before designing or developing the product
  • Project plans are developed without sufficient consideration to stakeholder requirements
  • Organizations lack expertly trained business analysis and requirements management staff; and so on.

The damage caused by inadequate requirements definition and business systems analysis results in costs overruns, missed milestones, low employee morale, poor software delivery and compromised customer satisfaction.

Sterling Search helps clients complete their IT projects effectively on time and within budget by implementing an organizational infrastructure focused on the business’ requirements.


.NET Software Development

Enterprise Level solutions with successful business results.

We have extensive experience with Microsoft development tools. The Windows .NET framework represents a unified approach for building distributed, scalable, multi-tier applications. This architecture delivers a comprehensive scalable technical foundation that is ideal for designing scalable and extensible systems.

We have designed and delivered enterprise wide and mission critical systems on the .NET platform successfully.  We have been able to deliver the projects on time and under budget.

What this means for prospective clients is:

  • Our deep experience helps to ensure that your project is a success.
  • Our processes and methodology have been perfected to manage risk, scope to maximize quality and minimize cost for your project. Our entire team is trained and experienced within a methodology.
  • Our integrated management, development and testing teams work seamlessly to deliver your solution on time and within budget.


Web Application Development

Sterling Search’s web application consulting services bring together an extremely rich set of skills and experience-tuned perspectives. Our real value is consistently demonstrated through our ability to carefully listen to and understand the needs of our clients and to translate those requirements into a solution that fits their budget and meets their present and future operational needs.

  • Efficient, Scalable Application Design
  • Award-winning Graphic Design
  • Strong Business and ROI Focus
  • Broad Industry & Technology Expertise
  • Full Lifecycle Design & Planning

Our technical expertise emphasizes the integration of lighter front-end technologies such as JSP, ASP.NET, and ColdFusion with more structured middle-tier technologies such as C#, C++, and Java.  We understand application design patterns such as model-view-controller and apply them in a way that is most beneficial to the customer.

By combining various technologies ranging from open source to Enterprise class, we are able to achieve rapid application development cycles while still maintaining the integrity of the client's business processes via structured application and object design methodologies.

Our specific programming skills include: J2EE (WebSphere, Oracle 9iAS, BEA), ASP.NET/C#/VB, ColdFusion MX, Flash MX, and open source solutions such as PHP.

Our database skills include: Oracle, MS SQL Server and MySQL

Enterprise Portals

Portals pay off. Whether you need to aggregate information, collaborate with partners or integrate your applications, portals make it easier to communicate and share information with others.

Portals impact an entire organization, including: business processes, communication plans, system architecture and especially your people need to be included in the equation. That's why we work closely with clients to understand all facets of their business and infrastructure before developing or improving an existing portal solution.

Questions you might consider:

  • How can we do a better job targeting our online customers, give them a more personalized experience and cross sell to them more effectively?
  • What can we do to help employees work more efficiently and feel better connected to the organization?
  • What is the most cost-effective and quickest way to make adjustments to our site?
  • How can we integrate our systems so that when a request is made to our customer service representatives, they will not have to access multiple systems and interfaces to fulfill it?
  • Can we implement a self-service model that will increase data integrity while reducing the demand on corporate resources?
  • Which brand of portal application software will work best with our existing systems and customized applications?

We have helped some of the country's most well known organizations realize the benefits of executing portals the right way. And we can put that knowledge and experience to work for you.

To request our Project Consulting services, contact us.



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