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Direct Hire

Direct Hire is for companies that need help attracting the ideal candidate or to supplement their recruiting expertise.

Through direct hire recruiting, we search for exceptional candidates who are successfully employed and unavailable through traditional sources. Our recruiters use specialized interview methods and reference techniques to select candidates that meet your specific requirements.

Direct Hire helps customers achieve the following advantages:

  • Time savings resulting from extensive pre-qualification of candidates and position requirements
  • Cost savings due to minimized advertising, reduced down time and the ability for your staff to focus on their core competencies
  • Competitive advantage resulting from a larger pool of candidates
  • Successful placements and increased retention through our proven search methodology.
To request our Direct Hire services, contact us.


Contract-to-hire is for companies that need help monitoring work performance of a consultant prior to making a formal offer of employment.

Ours is a flexible approach to adding resources without the additional costs and burdens associated with the employment process. It frees you from the obligations of a permanent, direct hire employee in case the person ends up not being a match - or in case there is a business slow-down.

Contract-to-Hire allows our clients to be flexible in getting the right person with the right skill sets for your organization. Benefits include:

  • Projects are staffed on a timely basis and can still be supported by first-rate resources after project completion
  • Flexible length of contract for the hiring programs
  • Cost effective, low risk way to recruit
  • No unemployment costs, benefit payments, or other costs if the hiring does not take place
  • Ensures both the employer and the candidate are satisfied before any commitment is made
  • A limited free replacement guarantee if the employer is not satisfied with the contract employee’s performance

To request our Contract-to-Hire service, contact us.


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