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Our Contract-to-Hire option gives you the ability to monitor work performance of a consultant prior to making a formal offer of employment.

Contract-To-Hire offers a flexible approach to adding resources without the additional costs and burdens associated with the employment process. And it frees you from the obligations of a permanent, direct hire employee in case the person ends up not being a match - or in case there is a business slow-down.

This option allows our clients to be flexible in getting the right person with the right skill sets for your organization. Benefits of Contract-To-Hire are:

  • Projects are staffed on a timely basis and can still be supported by first-rate resources after project completion
  • Flexible length of contract for the hiring programs
  • Cost effective, low risk way to recruit
  • No unemployment costs, benefit payments, or other costs if the hiring does not take place
  • Ensures both the employer and the candidate are satisfied before any commitment is made
  • A limited free replacement guarantee if the employer is not satisfied with the contract employee’s performance

To learn more about our Contract-to-Hire option, contact us.



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