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"I've worked with Sterling of Sterling Search, Inc. for over 10 years, helping me build emerging growth technology companies. Sterling works hard at establishing and maintaining executive relationships and delivers real recruiter value.  Each candidate Sterling provides is screened for character, culture and competence, and is legitimately qualified for the position.  Eliminating the recruiting burden allowed executives to remain focused on business direction and leadership,  comfortable the human resources would be capable and available." - Tom Christian, Chief Information Officer @ SUNGARD

"I worked with Sterling of Sterling Search, Inc. for a few years when our tiny start-up began to take off, with all the hectic all-nighters, upscaling, and scrambling to fill critical positions. Scanning resumes and job boards is really the very last thing you want to spend your time doing in that environment. So, it was a HUGE relief to have Sterling available to do all the hard work, and filter out the top 10% or 20% of the candidates before I ever had to talk to any of them. I always got the feeling that once I gave him a requirement, by the end of the week he would know every single person in the area  looking for that job. Once we picked a candidate, Sterling handled all the excruciating details, mapping the candidates needs to the way we were running our buiness. It was almost like I could call him,  and, with no further thought,  a week or two later I had a top notch guy sitting at his desk ready to roll." - Rudi, IT Director @ Lumenos

“I’ve worked with Sterling Search team for over 10 years now in varying hiring roles throughout my career.  They consistently provides some of the best candidates I see.  The candidates are thoroughly screened not only for the technical skills needed, but also for the soft skills that come along with culture of the organization.  I would recommend Sterling Search to any organization who is looking for a recruiting firm that works to understand their business and provide quality candidates accordingly.  Sterling Search does what so many recruiters fail to do…they bring you only the cream of the crop and candidates that they know will be a fit for you and your company.” - Kim DeLine, Executive Director, Software Engineering @ Wall Street Institute

"I used Sterling Search over the course of 18 months to fill scores of technical positions.  What I found was a recruiter who went to extreme lengths to understand the position, the organization and the culture before even beginning to search for a candidate with the requisite technical skills.  Sterling personally interviewed each and every candidate before sending them to us for consideration.  His knowledge of the organization, understanding of technology and ability to integrate that knowledge and understanding made for a higher percentage of successful hires with fewer more productive interviews than I’ve ever had with any recruiter.  Our hiring managers and I found him incredibly easy to work with and he became integral to the successful growth of the Company.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him." - Jane Luba, VP of HR







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The folks at Sterling Search have played a huge role in growing our business.
They are a trusted advisor for our staffing needs.
There were no surprises at all - it was a pleasure to work with them.

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