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Sterling Search is a veteran-owned company and a trusted IT consulting and recruiting business partner.

Run by senior executives with decades of hands-on experience building and running IT departments and programs, Sterling Search provides high-level IT consultants to emerging, middle-market, and large organizations through  direct hire recruiting and contract-to-hire recruiting and on a project consulting and contract consulting basis.

Sterling Search helps clients identify and attract the right talent to move their business forward. From emerging clients in software and IT services to Fortune 100 and government organizations, we will redefine your IT consulting and recruiting experience.

With our proven 10 Step Process and a 90 day service guarantee, let our staff put you in touch with the right candidates for your organization so you can focus your time on your core business.

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Our Clients


The folks at Sterling Search have played a huge role in growing our business.
They are a trusted advisor for our staffing needs.
There were no surprises at all - it was a pleasure to work with them.

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